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The 5 Best Carpet Cleaners For Cat Urine

If you are a cat parent, you absolutely love your fur babies with seemingly unconditional adoration. Cats all have their own, unique personalities and, despite their individual quirks, we can’t imagine our lives without them. However, as with all animals, cat ownership is never perfect and, ‘accidents will happen,’ as the saying goes. This is definitely true when it comes...

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Pidan Igloo Litter Box Review: We Tested It For 3 Weeks

Pidan Igloo Litter Box Video Review The pidan Igloo Litter Box is an attractive enclosed litter box with a unique shape inspired by the Inuit igloo. Its pure, minimalist design is both attractive and functional. A large dome provides your cat with privacy while also containing litter scatter. To use the pidan Igloo, your cat enters the litter box and...

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Happy cat

Science Confirms That People Who Own Cats Are Healthier

Here's good news for cat lovers everywhere: owning a cat is good for your health, and science has proven it again and again. It’s long been known that pets can boost people’s physical, mental and emotional health. Any cat owner can tell you that cuddling a cat can lift your spirits, but studies have also demonstrated that owning pets reduces...

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5 Best Emotional Support Letter Services For Cats

Can Cats Be Emotional Support Animals? An emotional support animal or ESA is simply a companion pet that helps relieve symptoms associated with emotional or psychiatric disabilities. They are particularly beneficial for people struggling with anxiety and depression, though individuals suffering from more severe psychiatric disorders like post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) may benefit more from a psychiatric service dog (PSD)....

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Bone Broth For Cats: What You Need To Know

Bone broth is a nutrient-rich liquid that has the potential to boost your cat’s digestion, support his bones and joints, and improve his appetite. Even picky eaters love it which makes it the ideal food topper. Plus, it’s a great way to add moisture to a dry food diet for cats. Here’s what you need to know about it, what...

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Cat playing

10 Popular Cat Myths Completely Debunked By A Vet

Cats are surrounded by myths and misconceptions. Some are harmful, some are harmless, and others are downright strange. In this article, we're going to break down some of the most common ones. Read on to learn the truth about 10 of the most common myths about cats.  Myth 1: All Purring Cats Are Happy While cats definitely purr when...

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Do Cats Have a Sense of Taste

Do Cats Have A Sense Of Taste?

Cats do have a sense of taste, but it's significantly different from ours. Let's talk about your cat's sense of taste and what makes it unique. Like people, cats have five main senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Of the cat senses, a cat’s hearing is the most powerful. Cats also have a great sense of smell. A cat’s...

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Cat outdoors

Should You Let Your Cats Outside?

Many experts recommend keeping cats indoors to protect them from the dangers of the outdoors. Staying inside may help to keeps cats safe, but an indoor-only lifestyle has some downsides. Let’s examine the pros and cons of letting your cat outside. Indoor Vs. Outdoors The outside world poses many dangers to cats, whether related to human activity, other animals or...

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Science Proves Owning a Cat Is Good for Your Heart

After a long, stressful day, there's nothing more soothing than cuddling up the couch with a warm, purring cat on your lap. Cat lovers know that being around our feline friends makes us feel good, but science has proven that owning a cat can lead to physical changes in your body, improving your blood pressure and even making your heart...

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How Old Is My Cat In Human Years?

We see our small feline friends as family members, yet at the same time, we know that they don’t live as long as we do. We all realize that cats live for somewhere between twelve and twenty-two years, unless unusual accidents or unexpected illnesses take them away earlier than this, or perhaps if they are the exceptional animals that live...

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